Unsubscribing from Subscriber Lists

Whenever you want your subscribers to have a possibility to unsubscribe, you can add the “Unsubscribe” parameter to your emails. If a subscriber clicks on the unsubscribe link in his email, he will be redirected to a page where he will be presented with an option to unsubscribe from your subscribers list.

2016-06-02 14_42_12-CO-SENDER User Manual v.1.6.1.docx [Compatibility Mode] - Word

  1. From that point on, he will not receive any messages that are sent to him, even if his address is still on the list.
  2. In reports of campaigns, these subscribers will be shown as “Unsubscribed”.
  3. Once a subscriber has unsubscribed, he won’t be reachable by any user on the same account.
  4. Unsubscribing applies only for the subscriber list that was used to send the message, and an unsubscribed person will not receive messages sent to that list only; they will be marked red.
  5. If the same subscriber is on other lists that he has not unsubscribed from, he will receive messages sent to those lists.

Note that unsubscriptions will not be copied over to a new list when you clone a subscriber list.

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