Managing Add-ons

Click Here and watch Plans and Add-ons video tutorial

You can purchase add-ons by clicking on “Add-ons” in the main CO-SENDER menu at the top right.

  1. Add-ons will allow you to expand messaging allowance provided by your current plan, for an additional payment.
  2. After selecting and purchasing an add-on, information about it will be appended to your plan details, and your messaging allowance will be updated accordingly.
  3. Note that add-ons will be active only until the current period of your plan expires.
  4. Only an account administrator can purchase add-ons.
  5. Several different add-ons can be purchased with a single instant payment.
  6. Once your active plan expires, the new plan will not have any of your previous add-ons.
  7. Information about purchased add-ons can be found in your purchase history.


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