Understanding Permission Reminder

One of the required fields to fill in when creating a Subscriber List is a Permission Reminder. What is it and why it’s required at all?

A permission reminder is a short message in an email that reminds the recipients why they are receiving your email and how did they join your list. Permission reminder helps you to comply with Anti-Spam laws, establish a positive brand image, reduce spam complaints and unsubscribes, while at the same time keeping your email reputation and deliverability high.

Note that permission reminder must contain the name of the company or brand, website, event where the person has subscribed, or to remind and explain the person in some other way how the subscriber got on you subscriber list (such as over the phone, product purchase, opted-in when downloaded some materials etc.).

For example:

“You are are receiving this email because you subscribed on our ‘XYZ’ website.”

“You are are receiving this email because you subscribed on our website to our ‘XYZ’ newsletter.”

“You are receiving this email because you are customer of ‘XYZ’ Company.”

“You are receiving this email because you agreed to receive newsletters from “XYZ” company over a phone conversation.”

Please make sure that all your subscriber lists and Email campaigns include appropriate permission reminder, as otherwise CO-SENDER may reject your campaigns and they will not be sent out.


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