Understanding Plans

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All CO-SENDER plans are of 1-month duration. Different plans are limited mainly only by the different number of email messages you can send, while all the plans include unlimited subscribers, unlimited users, option to send SMS, message personalization, real-time reporting, tracking, and other features. Any plan can be purchased, or upgraded to another paid plan, except the one that is already in use by the particular account. Note however that only account users with administrator rights can make these purchases.

When you upgrade to a different Paid plan, it will take effect only after your active plan expires. Therefore, if you need to top up your active plan with additional messaging allowance for immediate use, before the new period or new plan kicks in, simply purchase Add-ons. You can always check information about your sending allowance for active and next plan on the Dashboard or in Account Settings.

Your monthly plan is renewed automatically on the same date every month. The exception is when you purchase a plan, for example, on the 30th or 31st day of the month, and the next month has less days then the previous one – in this case your plan will renew on the last day of the month.

    1. Once you create your account, you automatically get no-cost Free plan, which does not expire and you can use it free forever.
    2. If you purchase a plan while your current plan is the Free plan, your new plan will be activated instantly and will last for a month.
    3. Difference between the Free plan and other plans is that Free plan has the most limited messaging allowance, and there is CO-SENDER logo included in the footer with every email sent. If you want to remove CO-SENDER logo from your messages, you need to opt for a paid plan.

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  1. You can purchase a new plan up to one month in advance, and it will be activated as soon as your current active plan ends. You can also purchase add-ons anytime to increase your current messaging allowance.

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